Your quest for peace and relaxation will be richly rewarded in Mauritius. A great variety of professionally run SPAS, in and out of the hotel network, cater for every facet of wellbeing. Massages, relaxation aromatherapy, detoxification wraps allied with yoga and meditation are just a few cords in the wellness harp.
You will leave the island with revived senses floating upon a cloud of serenity and harmony.

For small groups up to 20, we run special meditation, gentle exercise, massage and diet programmes under the leadership of renowned personalities. Accommodation is in two "haven" complexes each with a central dining room/lounge area and 10 Double Bed studio/bungalows:
Andrйa, on the top of a cliff with the seas crashing below and the air you breathe coming over the ocean all the way from Antarctica without having passed over any land mass.
L'Exil, on the top of a gorge facing a waterfall that drains rainfall from the highlands whilst passing through a National Park. This is a pristine river as it is one of the few that do not pass through a village.
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Mauritius Holidays is the sole representative in Australia, of three medico-tourism programmes.

CAD Regression Programme.
Cardiac and Arterial Diseases regression programme.

This ALL-NATURAL program has been devised by a Cardiac surgeon in India who, himself, suffered from inoperable arterial blockages. It is run in Mauritius by the director of the Cardiac Centre. Prof. Sunil Gunness - a French-trained Cardiac Surgeon - who has produced spectacular results by UNCLOGGING arteries that would, otherwise, necessitate open heart surgery.
The 10-day Star-Up programme is based upon Meditation, Yoga, Vegetarianism and light exercise.

It is possible to join an existing session or have an exclusive programme set up for a minimum of 20 people.

Only 4 hours during your holiday and you go home with hair that continues to grow.
Part of an international group, the Challeng'hair clinic is run by two French specialists, a Plastic Surgeon and an anaesthetist.
The Follicular Extract and Micrografting drastically reduce the number of sessions needed. Usually only 1 session is usually necessary.
Many celebrities come for a discreet transplant being back in business in a little week.
(link There is an English version.
Please contact the Clinic directly for initial information, an initial diagnosis and an eventual booking.
MAURITIUS HOLIDAYS shall be pleased to make your travel and accommodation arrangements.

The Harley Street Fertility Clinic, whose headquarters is in London, runs successful programmes in Clinic Darnй, in Mauritius.
Now you can combine treatment with holidays.
Would it not be great to conceive in paradise?