Not just your traditional Travel Agent

Mauritius Holidays is owned by people who were born in Mauritius having lived most of their lives in Australia whilst keeping constant contact with their motherland.

We are passionate about both countries. Our mission is to imbue Australians with an appreciation of the Mauritian way of life. Not just the beautiful sandy beaches, the blue lagoons, the green interior dotted with eerily shaped mountains. But, above all, the history, the culture, the people.

Our principals, apart from their vast experience of the Travel Industry, have been at the forefront of marketing, event management, media promotion and Professional Conference organization in Australia and in Mauritius.

Nothing is too hard or too big for us to handle.

In Mauritius you will be on our turf. We know it inside out.

Talk to us, tell us what you are looking for and allow us to show you OUR Mauritius.

Who are we...John Paruit

John Paruit

MSA Travel was originally owned by the Mauritian Service Association (MSA).
In 1991 MSA Travel was taken over by PIC Management Pty Ltd.
The Managing Director is John Paruit.



Nobody, but Nobody, knows MAURITIUS like we do!

P.I.C. Management Pty Ltd T/A Mauritius Holidays & MSA Travel.